Professional Development Open Enrollment

Open Doors with PLTW Professional Development

You have a passion for empowering students to be successful in life and career. You may not yet teach at a school that offers one of PLTW’s K-12 STEM programs, but you seek new opportunities to learn and transformative ways to lead your students.

For individuals like you, we are excited to announce open enrollment for PLTW’s hands-on, collaborative professional development for PLTW Gateway, PLTW Biomedical Science, and PLTW Engineering programs.

Finalized Summer Core Training Schedule available now.


Registration opens April 3.


** PLTW 2017 Core Training Costs at UMBC ***

2 week session – $2,400 (HS Pathway to Engineering courses)

1 week session – $1,200 (MS Gateway to Engineering AR, DM, MD and ICS)

3 day session – $750 (MS Gateway to Engineering specialization courses)

All costs include tuition, lunch and parking