Project Lead The Way

Hosted by University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Attn: UMBC has not been offering Summer Training for PLTW.


This website provides Maryland educators with local information about Project Lead the Way.  We hope that this website provides you with the resources you need to improve and grow as a Project Lead the Way educator.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a national not-for-profit organization established to help solve the country’s high-tech staffing shortage by increasing the number, quality, and diversity of engineers graduating from United States educational systems. Aimed at middle and high schools, PLTW’s pre-engineering curriculum, software, and professional development programs can help forge new generations of engineers by offering students the chance to find out if engineering is the career for them. More than 1300 schools in 45 states offer PLTW courses.

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) has created both pre-service and in-service programs designed to prepare teachers to deliver pre-engineering curriculum in the middle and high school classroom. In-service teachers can receive CPD credits or graduate credits for completing the summer training institute. Pre-service teachers complete two PLTW courses in order to be certified in Technology Education in MD. For more information on both programs, please contactDr. Jamie Gurganus, jgurganus@umbc.edu.

UMBC also provides opportunities for high school students to receive college credit for completing the PLTW pre-engineering pathway in high school. Students need to complete EDD and all courses leading up to it (POE, IED, and DE) with an average of “B” from a PLTW-certified school, pass the college credit exams for POE, IED, and DE, submit an electronic portfolio of their EDD project, and meet college enrollment requirements. For more information on college credit for high school students, please contact  Jamie Gurganus, jgurganus@umbc.edu.