PLTW Launch

Engaging students at a young age builds confidence, grows interest, and puts them on course for strong accomplishments in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Through PLTW Launch, our program for kindergarten through fifth grade, students become problem solvers. Students use structured approaches, like the engineering design process, and employ critical thinking. They apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind, learning that it is OK to take risks and make mistakes. As teachers and students learn and discover together, education becomes far more engaging. We designed PLTW Launch to offer maximum flexibility and work in a variety of settings and scenarios, which means we have an implementation model that will work for your school or organization.

PLTW Launch curriculum includes 24 modules aligned to grade-level standards. The 10-hour modules are presented in pairs that combine to create a thematic unit. Teachers and schools have the flexibility to introduce the modules that they want, when they want, at the grade level they want. View the full module descriptions.

To learn more about the PLTW Launch curriculum, professional development, and assessment, visit the links below.

The table shows the modules available in 2014-15. Twelve additional modules are under development.

Section PLTW Launch Module Standard Alignment Curriculum Alignment
Structure and Function Kindergarten Click Here
Structure and Function: Pushes and Pulls Kindergarten Click Here
1.1 Light and Sound 1st Grade Click Here
1.2 Light: Observing Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars 1st Grade Click Here
2.1 Materials Science: Properties of Matter 2nd Grade Click Here
2.2 Materials Science: Form and Function 2nd Grade Click Here
3.1 Stability and Motion: Science of Flight 3rd Grade Click Here
3.2 Stability and Motion: Forces and Interactions 3rd Grade Click Here
4.1 Energy: Collisions 4th Grade Click Here
4.2 Energy: Conversion 4th Grade Click Here
5.1 Robotics and Automation 5th Grade Click Here
5.2 Robotics and Automation: Challenge 5th Grade Click Here