PLTW Launch – Curriculum

Designed and continually improved by STEM experts and educators

PLTW’s rigorous and relevant curriculum was collaboratively developed and is continually reviewed and improved by PLTW staff, teachers, university educators, industry experts, and school administrators. It leverages an innovative, project-based approach that fosters collaboration and builds critical thinking skills. View the full module descriptions.

Aligned to state and national standards

From the beginning, PLTW Launch was developed to work with current standards. It aligns to Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts, Next Generation Science Standards, and other national and state standards.

Flexible and customizable

PLTW Launch curriculum includes 24 modules aligned to grade-level standards. The 10-hour modules are presented in pairs that combine to create a thematic unit. Teachers and schools have the flexibility to introduce the modules that they want, when they want, at the grade level they want.