PLTW Computer Science – Professional Development

Professional Development Centered on Student and Teacher Success

PLTW Computer Science Professional Development is designed to create dynamic learning experiences for teachers through robust and flexible instructional support and ongoing professional community. To begin the process of teacher training with PLTW,register now.

Robust and Flexible Learning

To support and strengthen instructional practices and content knowledge related to each PLTW Computer Science course, teachers participate in a three-phase professional development model. The three phases of teacher training include Readiness Training, Core Training, and Ongoing Training.

Readiness Training focuses on preparation and awareness to ensure that teachers have basic technical and content knowledge. The myPLTW Learning Management System (LMS) is used to deliver Readiness Training, which consists of self-paced e-Learning resources. Successful completion of Readiness Training is required before teachers attend Core Training.

Core Training focuses on building awareness and confidence related to STEM education; activity-, project-, and problem-based learning; the role of the teacher and student as it relates to instruction; and course-specific STEM content.  Core Training is a collaborative in-person training experience offered at PLTW Affiliate Universities across the nation and facilitated by PLTW Master Teachers. After successful completion of Core Training, teachers get access to the National Computer Science Professional Learning Community (PLC), course-specific student and classroom instructional resources, and Ongoing Training resources all through the PLTW LMS.

Ongoing Training consists of self-paced and live online e-Learning resources that provide enhancement opportunities and ongoing learning for educators. Ongoing Training encourages teachers to move beyond baseline knowledge and skills related to both content and instruction, while deepening their understanding of improved strategies for teaching within STEM education. Teachers also have access to training resources related to course updates, teaching strategies, and new releases.

Professional Learning Communities

Through the National PLTW Computer Science Professional Learning Community (PLC), teachers can connect with other professionals from across the nation and share experiences and expertise. This PLC allows teachers to build a supportive network that can positively impact both instructional practice and student learning. By sharing practices with colleagues around the country, PLTW Computer Science teachers benefit from collective learning and application of knowledge and skills.