PLTW- Computer Science

The projected number of job openings in 2018 for STEM fields will reach 2.8 million. Of these, approximately 1.4 million jobs will be for computer specialists. Like many other STEM fields, the current demand and supply are mismatched, as computer science career openings outpace students’ skills and interest. Also, like many other fields, computer science interest starts long before a student decides on a major or even applies to college. How do we prepare students for the amazing opportunities that require computational thinking?

PLTW offers a K-12 computer science pathway, which ignites student interest early and strengthens it over time through engaging, problem-based learning. In PLTW Launch for K-5 and PLTW Gateway for middle school, computer science modules and units are available beginning in fall 2015.

The high school program, PLTW Computer Science, is currently underway in schools across the nation, inspiring students to consider the endless possibilities in careers that use computing. To learn more about the CSE course and the PLTW Computer Science program, visit the links below. To equip your students with the necessary skills in computer science, Register Now.